The TSCL Executive Committee throughout 2007 worked on implementing a umpire certification system, with various levels of testing. After a lot of hard work we have started to implement the first phase of our system, which is the education and written testing of players with an interest in umpiring.
At present there are 3 levels of testing. Of course just passing a written test doesn't make you a good
Umpire, anymore then owning a cricket bat , makes you a great batsman. However it does show intent , an interest in being a better umpire and improving your skills.

       Candidates have to answer 70% of the questions right to pass.
Level 0 - Testing basic umpiring knowledge 40 questions long multiple choice.

Level 1 - Testing basic umpiring knowledge 60 questions multiple choice
Level 2 -
Testing more intricate umpiring knowledge and thought process 70 questions multiple choice

       We would like to acknowledge the following players for having passed the listed levels and the efforts they have put in to being better umpires.

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